Definitive Sunday Night Nail Care Guide by Amopé



It's Sunday night, and you're getting ready for the week ahead. It's a good time to prepare your nails, but how? In this guide, we look at top tips to get your nails work-week ready.

A roast dinner and your favourite shows on the TV; there's really nothing more relaxing than a Sunday evening spent chilling at home on the couch. So, what better time to get your nails looking great than adding a pampering Sunday manicure into your evening routine? Taking some time out to get those digits looking groomed and gorgeous will help make a great impression in the office on Monday morning.

1. Soothe and soak
Get yourself in the mood for a night of pampering. Grab some nice clean, fluffy towels, run the bath with your favourite oils, light a few scented candles and enjoy a relaxing soak. While you bathe, make sure you get those nails really clean – especially if you've spent the weekend working in the garden! If you want to look professional at work, dirty nails don't make the best impression.


2. Cut and shape to perfection
Once you're out of the bath, it's time to get to work. If your nails are looking a bit long, then it might be wise to clip them down a little with some nail scissors to make them more manageable. It can be tricky to do a hard day's work with seriously long nails, plus shorter nails look chic and sophisticated. Nails look best when they are all the same length, so if yours are all different, trim them so they match.

Then, for perfectly shaped nails with little effort, try filing them with the Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System, which has a special filing head that allows you to create different fingernail shapes.

Want the best shape for work? A squoval shape, with the nail tip just a few millimetres above the top of your finger looks classic and is perfect for the office.


3. Buff and shine
For low maintenance nails that look incredible, why not skip the nail polish? There's nothing that will let down your look more than chipped polish and if you've got a busy week at work, it's unlikely that you'll have time to repaint your nails when they need it.

Instead, reach for your Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System again, which is especially developed to make your nails look natural, even if you do not wear any nail polish at all. Make use of the buff and shine heads for beautiful, shiny nails that really look the part.

Use the buffing head first to smooth out ridges and any imperfections on your nails, then follow this with the shine head to polish your nails and give them a natural shine.

Result? Shiny, natural looking and well-groomed nails that can outshine any nail polish to have the perfect start of the week!