Pampering Nights



Having a fun pampering night in can help make your toes and soles look and feel so much better. To make it more fun, arrange for your best friend to come along, so you can have a girls’ night in together! Here is our step by step guide to preparing a good foot care pampering session that will make your feet look and feel beautiful, soft and healthy.

1. Set the scene

Pampering should not only be fun, but indulgent and relaxing too. First, set the scene. Try and create a relaxing, spa-like environment in the area you're going to do your pedicure. Lighting some scented candles and playing some soothing music in the background will help. Before you get started make sure you've got plenty of clean towels and all the tools you need within arm’s reach, then take a comfortable seat.


2. Getting started

Before you do anything else, tackle hard skin on feet first. Some say it's the most important part of a pedicure, as smooth soles can really transform the appearance of your feet, making them look groomed and cared for. On hard skin, use the Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File. This electronic foot file has a roller surface with microgranulates that helps you buff away hard skin easily.


3. Have a relaxing soak

Next, it's time to give your feet a soothing foot bath. Fill a large bowl with warm water and add hydrating and cleansing ingredients. Pop both feet in the water, sit back and relax for approximately five minutes.


4. Scrub-a-dub

Now, it’s time to exfoliate. This helps lift away any dead, flaky skin on the tops and soles of the feet, boost circulation, and leave your feet feeling soft. It's easy to make your own exfoliator using some coarse sea salt mixed with olive or coconut oil. Then massage the mixture vigorously all over your feet including the fronts and the soles before rinsing and drying feet thoroughly.


5. Trim and moisturize

Once your nails have been softened, it's easier to cut them. Use toenail scissors and cut each nail straight across leaving a few millimeters of the white bit of nail before filing sharp edges very gently with a nail file such as Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System, an electronic nail device that files, buffs and shines your nails quickly and easily. Then, apply a hydrating foot cream such as Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Daily Moisturizer Foot Cream to leave your feet looking and feeling soft. To tend to your nails and cuticles, apply a drop of nail care oil on each nail and rub it into the cuticles.


6. Shine on

Finally complete your pedicure by giving your toenails a gorgeous, healthy shine. Instead of applying polish, try getting effortless, natural-looking shiny nails with Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System. Use the buffing tool to even out ridges and smooth the nail surface and then follow this with the shining tool to give nails a healthy looking shine.