Pretty Post-Holiday Feet


Feet often get more attention before holidays than at any other time, but what happens after you arrive home? Post-holiday feet need extra care; with the right products you can quickly and easily restore their glory, and keep your feet feeling holiday-ready all year round.

Once the holiday is over, many people let their foot care routine fade along with their tan. But it’s really important to keep the care going. If you’ve been somewhere hot, your skin may be drier, particularly if you’ve been walking around sandy or dusty areas, or spending long periods in the sun.

If you’ve been enjoying some barefoot walking, this can contribute to cracked heels and thickened skin, which can lead to calluses. Holidays can also lead us to wear different shoes than normal – whether it’s a pair of sandals, hours spent in flip-flops or a new pair of heels bought especially for the trip, our feet can take a bit of a battering from our choice of holiday footwear.

If hot and humid weather has been teamed with non-breathable shoes, you may also be bringing a fungal infection such as athlete’s foot back as a souvenir. It’s one of the neediest times your feet will experience, so it’s really important that you maintain a good foot care routine after your holidays.

Ready, steady, pedi…
It’s easy to keep the holiday-ready feeling when it comes to your feet, and ensure that any holiday wear and tear is put right. If you find that your skin has become drier and harder, the Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals™ is a quick, easy and convenient way to get rid of hard skin, leaving behind beautifully soft and healthy feet. Safe and simple to use, and needing less force than a manual foot file, it should be your number one tool in the quest for pedicure-perfect feet all year round. To help soothe and condition post-holiday feet, ensure to follow your foot care regime daily. Using moisturizing creams (such as Amopé Daily Moisturizer Foot Cream), can restore moisture back into your feet.

The way to fabulous feet
Once you’ve restored your post-holiday feet to their former glory, keep a good foot care routine going and you’ll really reap the rewards. A little bit of attention every day will mean having feet that look beautiful and healthy becomes quicker and easier in the long run.