10 Tips for Nails with a Wow Effect - the Secret of Beautiful Shiny Nails

Want beautiful shiny nails as perfectly groomed and gorgeous as if you've just stepped out of a beauty salon? No problem! It's easy with these 10 simple secrets that beauty insiders swear by.

1. Protection perfection:
Make sure you always wear gloves to protect your nails when you’re washing up or cleaning the bathroom. Harsh detergents and plunging your hands into water for long periods can dry out the surface of your nails, leaving them dehydrated and more vulnerable to peeling and breaking.


2. Eat right:
If you want strong, healthy nails, take a look at your diet and make sure you're packing in plenty of essential fatty acids - found in salmon, other oily fish and flax seed oil- to prevent your nails from becoming brittle and dry. Make sure you get plenty of zinc too – from meat, fish and dairy products – which helps stop those white marks that might appear on your nails from time to time.


3. Cut your nails correctly:
If you want to avoid ingrown toenails, make sure to cut nails the right way. Foot experts recommend using proper toenail clippers and snip straight across in small sections to avoid weakening the nail. Never cut off harsh edges as this can cause ingrown problems.


4. File away:
A nail file is one of the most important tools in your nail care kit. File toenails gently with an electronic nail file after cutting to smooth sharp edges. The Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System has a special filing head that allows you to file toenails straight across as well as in your desired shape.


5. Buff up:
Want shiny, healthy looking nails without the need for polish? Then buffing your nails is a must as it helps to smooth out the surface of each nail for a shiny finish. The Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail Care System also comes with a separate buffing head to quickly even out imperfections on your nails as well as a polishing head, which gives nails a natural, well-groomed finish.


6. Don't snip cuticles:
Try to avoid cutting the cuticles on your nails as this can cause infection. If you must do something, you could very gently wrap a damp cotton wool around a cuticle stick and gently push each cuticle back after a warm bath.


7. Avoid acetone:
Regular wearers of nail polish should try to avoid using nail polish remover that contains acetone, especially if you have brittle nails. It's the one thing you should steer clear of as it strips the nails of moisture, leaving them even more likely to break.


8. Go natural:
Ditch the acrylic nails or gel manicures for just a few weeks and let your nails go natural. The more chemicals and harsh ingredients your nails are exposed to, the weaker and more brittle they can be. Instead treat nails with a home manicure to ensure they look shiny, healthy and super-groomed.


9. Oil up:
If your nails are dry or prone to breakage, try massaging a hydrating nail oil into each one every evening before bed.


10. Keep an eye on your nails:
Changes in your nails can indicate a fungal infection. Look out for yellow/brownish discolouration of the nail, white 'islands' on the surface of the nail or the appearance of the nail becoming rougher and more brittle. Treat with a fungal nail treatment (ensure to always follow correct care instructions), which has been specially formulated to penetrate into the nail to kill nail fungus at its source. It will also help prevent the spread of the fungus & protect against recurrence.