Keeping Your Feet Beautiful Throughout Winter

The thermometer may be plummeting and the warm days of summer a distant memory, so it can be tempting to wrap up warm and layer our feet in cozy socks and boots until the icy weather thaws for spring.

Did you know, though, that our feet need just as much foot care in winter as they do in summer to avoid all sorts of problems such as cracked heels, dry, scaly soles and a buildup of hard skin? So, what special measures do you need to take to make sure your feet stay healthy and beautiful throughout the winter? 

1. Wear the right socks and shoes
When our feet go through extremes of temperatures, from very cold to very warm, it can play havoc with the moisture levels in our skin, sapping our soles of much needed hydration, which can sometimes lead to painful cracked heels.  To stop your feet drying out, wear the right kind of footwear to keep your feet toasty at a constant temperature and choose woolen socks over cotton to insulate feet against the cold.


2. Avoid extremes in temperature
It might feel heavenly to toast your chilly feet close to a roaring fire, rest them on a warm radiator or even heat them up in a hot bath, but all these things will just dry out your skin even more.

It will suck out vital moisture from your feet which can lead to seriously dry, dehydrated soles and even cracked heels.

However, if you can't resist the urge to warm your feet up in a bowl of warm water, then make sure you add a hydrating foot soak (ensure to read and follow all label instructions) to soften and soothe dry feet, leaving them feeling nourished and smooth whilst giving yourself a winter pampering session. It not only feels nice but warms up your feet too.


3. Moisturise daily
Using a hydrating foot lotion every single day is a vital part of a good winter foot care routine if you want to stop buildup of hard skin and cracked heels in their tracks. After you bathe or shower, massage in Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Daily Moisturizer Foot Cream all over your feet for hydration up to 24 hours.


4. Remove hard skin weekly
You might think a foot file is only for use in the summer months when you want to show off your feet, but with regular use throughout winter, a foot file can keep your feet looking beautifully smooth and soft.

For speedy results without much effort, swap your regular foot file with Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals, an electronic foot file with a roller head with microgranulates that help you buff away hard skin easily and quickly, so you can be ready for every Christmas and New Year’s party, even at a moment’s notice! It's a simple but effective add-on to your existing foot care routine.