Ouch! Oh no… I broke a Nail

We all have those moments where a nail breaks, usually just before we're about to go out somewhere and we want our nails to look their very best. It's especially annoying if you're fastidious about nail care and put real effort into getting your nails looking great. If you leave a torn or broken nail without treatment, it can become vulnerable to further tearing and damage, which can be very painful. Here are some quick and simple solutions to fix a broken nail.

Tape it
If you've just had a manicure for a night out and one of your nails has torn, don't panic. It's not a disaster. For a temporary fix, try sticking the nail back down with a tiny bit of clear tape. Use something like gift wrap tape that will be easy to remove later on. Use small scissors and cut the tape to size, just a little bigger than the size of the tear, and then carefully stick it over the nail – it won't cover up your manicure and it will stop the nail catching on clothing.

Cut it
If the broken nail is too damaged to fix, then cutting it off and reshaping it is probably the best option. Use nail clippers or scissors to cut off any sharp or jagged edges that might catch and pull to cause further tearing. Then, use the Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Nail Care System to re-shape the nail without any effort. Use the file attachment to gently smooth any rough edges and as long as the nail hasn't broken too short, file the nail into a shape that mirrors the rest of your nails so it doesn't look too different.