Spoil your Feet Beautiful!


Picture the scene: Calm, soothing music. The delicious fragrance of scented candles winding you down. Picturing a five-star spa? Well think again! We’d all love to spend our treasured me-time being treated like rock-and-roll royalty, with soft, beautiful feet at the end of a treatment, but in reality, not everybody’s budget stretches that far! What might surprise you however, is how easily a trip to the spa can be recreated in your very own home, especially when it comes to spoiling your feet. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to give yourself the spa experience from the comfort of your bathroom!

The Perfect “Spoil your Feet” Atmosphere

Take some time to get the room ready, which can be through lighting candles, burning incense, and playing some quiet music. These elements of the spa experience may seem like the most unnecessary, but can play an important role. The low lighting, the comforting scents and relaxing music can reduce your stress levels, and greatly increase your enjoyment.


Take a long soak

Relax even further, by taking a long luxuriant bubble bath. This serves a double purpose, as it not only helps make those worries melt away, but also helps to prepare your skin for different treatments that you would like. A full soak will help the skin on your feet become softer, and more ready for treatments – which is especially important for when trying to get rid of dead skin. Another, perhaps unexpected, result of this relaxation is that treatments like dry skin removal become a lot more comfortable, as the body is much less sensitive when stress levels are reduced.



This is what it’s all about. As important as the atmosphere and relaxation elements are, you don’t just go to a spa for some candles and a bath. There are a number different home treatments to try, such as face packs, body scrubs, waxes and depilatory creams, but few can be as relaxing, rewarding (and overlooked), as foot treatments. The Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File can cover your treatments, but can also benefit your feet by making them look more beautiful afterwards.  

Feet are unsung heroes of everyday life, always there to take you to where you need to be, so it’s time to celebrate them as they should be, building time into your routine to look after them, and giving them a pampering pedicure every now and again!

Build yourself a pedicure tool-kit featuring all the essentials: nail clippers, files and dead skin removers, and of course the Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File. Take a look at Amopé™ pedicure set which can help maintain smooth and moisturized feet, making them comfortable and beautiful.