Heel Pain

Minimize heel pain

Walking on Clouds: Tips for maximum foot comfort

In this article Amopé™ gives you tips on things that you can do to ensure that your risk of heel pain is minimized. Read more here.


Let's go for a Walk: Hiking Tips to prevent tired and aching feet

Hiking is a great way to get fit and enjoy the natural world, but if you have tired and achy feet, it can take the fun out of long walks. Ensure your feet are ready for great adventures this summer with our top tips.


10 Steps to Avoid Heel Pain When Walking

Everyday heel pain can end up being quite a burden on your feet, adding to your fatigue at the end of a working day, and even developing into prolonged foot problems if left untreated.


Could your shoes be causing you heel pain?

It’s just as important to think about your feet when you’re looking to buy new shoes. If your shoes don’t fit you correctly it can cause pain.


All About Heel Pain

When heel pain becomes an issue, it can be a major disruption to your day-to-day routine, especially if you live a busy, active life. Luckily, there are ways to treat heel pain that can help to get you back on your feet again.