Dress Shoes: Avoiding Corns on a Big Night Out


It's time for that night out you've been waiting for. You've got the dress, the make-up, the new hair, but what about your shoes? Are your feet ready? Uncomfortable stiff shoes, or flattering but painful high heels, can take their toll if they're rarely worn. Avoid that throbbing, painful heel feeling and prepare your feet, and your shoes, with our tips to prevent corns when dressing up for the big night out.

What is a corn?

Corns are areas of hard skin on your feet that can cause a throbbing, painful sensation when you walk around or are standing for long periods, especially when you are wearing new shoes that your feet aren't used to, or high heels. Corns are shaped like an inverted cone with the interior "point" often pressing on nerve endings, which may cause pain and discomfort, making it uncomfortable to walk, especially in tight shoes like high heels. There is often an area of callus/hard skin on feet overlying the corn.


Why do I have them?

Corns are caused by constant friction and pressure on weight bearing areas of your foot. If your feet are bony, you can be prone to corns as there isn't much natural cushioning in your feet to protect them from day to day pressure, or if you have a bunion, where the joint of the big toe sticks outwards. Otherwise, they can be caused simply by the way you walk, or by wearing the wrong shoes, either too tight or too loose.


What can I do about them?

First things first, before you even buy your new party shoes, make sure they fit properly. If they pinch or rub your feet in the shop, chances are it will feel a whole lot worse after you've been wearing them for a few hours and any corns you do have will flare up. And if you want to pre-empt pain and discomfort, why not insert a supportive insole gel into your shoes to remove pressure on corns and cushion problem areas. Worried your foot pain will be unbearable by the end of the night? No problem, just pop a pair of ballet pumps or flip flops into your bag so you can slip them on and relieve the pressure of those high heels.