Every Day Heroes: How Everyday Insoles Work


Heel pain can come from many sources, whether from an accident, bump, or just from day-to-day issues like poor posture, uncomfortable gait, or poor foot support. In many cases, support can help correct many of these problems, but in more everyday situations it’s helpful to give tired and aching feet a chance to rest and heal after a long day spent on your toes. We might think aching feet are a normal thing, but Amopé GelActiv™ Insoles can help by providing them with a support, and a cushion between you and the ground. But how do they work?

How Insoles Work

Insoles for heels and insoles for flat feet are inserts that fit inside your shoes. They provide a cushion between you and the actual sole of your shoe (and the ground, by extension) and help absorb shocks, while providing comfort for the base of your feet. It’s as simple as removing your current insoles, snipping new insoles down to size (see pack for details) and inserting, and you’ll notice the difference as soon as you tie on your laces.


What are they for?

Since we spend so much of our lives on our feet, the tasks of supporting our entire bodies can be quite stressful on our muscles and bones. By making the surroundings more comfortable, and with added support, our feet can feel better. Feet can be extremely hardworking – as much as 60% of our life is spent on our feet, and can take us almost three times around the globe in distance. As such, treating them with a bit more care can help keep you going longer. Insoles also facilitate rolling movements, and provide elasticity that reduces excessive pressure, should you need to run.


Amopé Everyday Insoles

Amopé GelActiv™ Insoles come in three varieties, but our everyday insoles offer all-round support for casual footwear. The GelActiv™ Technology consists of different insole gel elements to provide extra cushioning and support where feet specifically need it. They’re for people who have an active lifestyle, but are on their feet for several hours at a time, such as waitresses, postmen and even construction workers. The Amopé solution for heel pain and other ailments is to provide a gel layer insole that relieves feet long before they become tired. They provide additional cushioning that keep your feet from pressures of light bumps, shocks and knocks from every day activities. The firmer gel supports the arch of foot and the heel, while the softer gel cushions and absorbs shocks. Our insoles should be swapped for new ones every six months, or at first sign of wear.