On the Move

Foot care tips & foot exercises that are good for healthy feet and your whole body, too.

Step by step

Use your feet, enjoy the scenery, keep in shape and spend time with friends - it's time to go for a walk! Are you ready?


Foot gymnastic

Help strength and flexibility to tired feet in this nine foot exercises routine. Consult a physician before engaging in a new exercise program.


Go barefoot

Let your healthy feet breathe and the blood flow by walking around barefoot at home.


Playing the Field: A Sportsperson's Guide to Athletes Foot

A brief guide on how football or other field sports can affect your feet and how to treat Athlete’s Foot.


Why You Need Good Foot Support

At work, on your feet, you can feel like your body, not just your feet, need support. In this article, we look at footwear, and also comforting insoles that make life that much easier.


Winter Sports & Your Feet

Winter sports can take their toll on your feet. We find out the top common foot ailments from winter sports and show you how to deal with them.