Sweaty Feet and the Gym

Don’t let foot perspiration get you down. Follow our tips for best foot care practices to help you prevent uncomfortable foot perspiration at the gym, so you can concentrate on enjoying your workout instead.  

It’s normal to sweat – especially during a workout. Bearing in mind our feet have over 500,000 sweat glands (more per centimeter than anywhere else in the body), it’s not a big surprise that they can produce over two cups of sweat a day.

Sweat can easily evaporate from other parts of the body of course, but with feet, it can get trapped between our toes, and in our socks and shoes. Bacteria called Bromodosis cause the unpleasant smell and thrive in the moist, dark and warm conditions of your trainers during a workout and even after if you just throw your shoes in the cupboard when you get home and don’t let them dry out properly. Between two and four per cent of the population suffers from excessive sweating all over – known as hyperhidrosis – which can make the problem much worse. If you feel that you are sweating too much, and any products you are using from the drugstore are not helping, we recommend you see a doctor for further consultation.


Damage Limitation

Sweating is a normal and important bodily function as it allows our body to regulate heat. To cope with sweaty – and potentially smelly – post-gym feet, follow these simple tips to keep them, cool and healthy.


1) Choose your socks wisely

Cotton and natural materials are absorbent and breathable, and the thicker they are, the more absorbent they will be. Specially developed running socks have moisture-wicking technology, designed to help keep your feet dry. Don’t be tempted to wear trainers or shoes without socks. It may seem like you’re letting more fresh air circulate around your feet when you don’t wear socks, but actually your feet are more likely to sweat, resulting in damp shoes where bacteria thrive.


2) Keep clean

Wash your feet in warm water with a mild soap at least once a day. Keep toenails clean and short and file off any dead or tough skin regularly using a hard skin remover such as Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals™. 


3) Change your socks and shoes regularly

Change your socks and shoes when you get home from work, after the gym, and whenever your feet feel hot and sticky. Keep a clean, dry pair of socks in your sports kit to change into after you’ve showered.


4) Mix it up 

Don’t wear the same shoes every day – as they don’t get to dry out properly and even if you think you haven’t sweated in them there will be some moisture. If you go to the gym every day, try to alternate your trainers and make sure they’re thoroughly dry before you wear them again.


5) Give them a spin

Always read and follow manufacturer care instructions for your shoes and if possible, wash your trainers every few weeks. Most can be put in the washing machine but if they can’t, have a go at them by hand (follow manufacturer care instructions).