Relief for tired legs

Tired, heavy legs at the end of the day might be the result of sitting at a desk, or standing for long periods of time. Find out how to help avoid tiredness and how to take care of your feet and circulation to improve foot health.


Why do we get heavy, tired legs?
The feeling of having heavy or painful legs is sometimes attributed to poor movement. Lack of movement and an increase in body weight can cause blood stagnation in the limbs. That's why sitting for a long time without any muscle activity to act as a pump, can slow circulation in the legs. Especially in areas like the feet and ankles.


What happens in our veins?
Veins work to return the blood to our heart. That is why they have valves which allow blood to flow upward but prevent downward flow. If these valves don't work properly, it can cause swelling and heaviness of the legs.


 How can I get relief for tired legs? 
Avoid anything that interferes with the return blood flow like sitting for a long time, too tight clothes, a very hot bath. Instead, walking, swimming and cycling are recommended activities to improve blood circulation. At night, it's best to sleep with your legs slightly raised and extend them as often as possible.