High Heel Myths - True or false

High Heel Myths

There are many persistent myths around high heels. We had a closer look at some of the most famous high heel myths and proved them true or false.

Wearing high heels is training for your calves and bum!

That's false!

Wearing high heels is said to have a positive effect on training your calve and butt muscles. This is not true but wearing high heels is training for the pelvic muscle, increasing sexual pleasure. 

Men love high heels!

That's true!

High heels change your posture and walk. The change in posture is considered to be sexy amongst men. Numerous studies have proven this to be true, even though scientist have not yet found the reason. It is also proven that the clicking sound of high heels on the ground is subconsciously associated with sexiness.

High heels are unhealthy!

That's false!

When talking about high heels the argument of unhealthiness always comes up. It is true that high heels can contribute to health problems but they cannot be blamed for the whole issue. Excessive wearing cannot be recommended but conscientiously used it is uncritical. Scientists suggest a maximum heel height of 5 cm.

Pregnant women must not wear high heels!

That's false!

High heels do not affect the process of pregnancy as such but they increase the possibility of falling down, which is the actual threat for the unborn child. Especially falling on the belly can cause serious injuries for mother and child.

New high heels are always painful.

That's true!

This is mostly true. When buying high heels, women primarily think about the look but after a short while their feet start to hurt. The most beautiful ones are often the most painful at the same time. Especially balls and heels of the feet are centres of pain. With insoles and heel strips it is possible to ease the pain instantly and make the first steps on new heels more comfortable.