Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Roller Heads with Diamond Crystals - Extra Coarse & Soft Touch Roller Heads

Easy to replace roller heads – with diamond crystals, for beautifully smooth feet.

Product Features

  • First use the Extra Coarse Roller Head for rapid removal of even very hard, stubborn skin.
  • Follow with the Soft Touch Roller Head for the perfect finishing touch.
  • Only use these replacement roller heads with the Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File.

Product Pack Contents: 2 EA

Product Description

Designed for use with the Amopé Pedi Perfect™. [insert hyperlink to main Amopé Pedi Perfect]
The unique roller heads with long lasting micro-abrasive particles come with finely ground diamond crystals, precious exfoliators.

How to replace the roller head
Ensure that the unit is turned off
Remove the roller by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away
Place the new roller into the unit by pressing in the pins on either sides of the roller head and inserting the head into the device
Check that the roller head is securely attached to the device before use

Product Code: 10051400949267